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The Hounslow Parent/Carer Champion Network is a new volunteer-led project for parents and carers who can support other parent/carers in the community struggling with children who  may be at risk of or have experienced violence, criminal exploitation, school exclusion, arrest,  challenging behaviours and other issues.The network further supports parents who may have difficulty navigating systems of education, criminal justice and statutory services such as social or family care. 

We have trained Parent/Carer Champions with lived experience who are now taking referrals to support other parent/carers in the London Borough of Hounslow. 

We are also expanding the network of support and are seeking more parent/carers in the Borough of Hounslow who would be interested in being trained to help others. 

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Carer Champion or have any questions about the project then please contact:

Astrid/Action Isleworth Mothers at 


Or call the PCCN hotline: 07881 552 678 

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