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Independent Review of Children's Social Care May 2022

The Independent Review of Social Care was published late last month and makes for sobering reading. It is a lengthy report and not for the faint-hearted on the one hand for the amount of funding that is outlined to be needed whilst still not pledged by the government - with the only solution for it to be raised by further cuts to other public services. Already my heart sinks. I wonder if this will ever be enough if the policy isn't truly and intelligently connected in the understanding of the complex and evolving needs of families and children in this country, let alone the urgent revision needed to the convoluted statutory structures that support them? The historical and catastrophic effect of cuts to children's social care in this country particularly over the last 10-15 years is beyond scandalous. Journalist, Author and Social Worker Rebekah Pierre has written a really clear and important article from the perspective of being a child in care herself in response to the Review. It is worth reading and makes some really valid points. It also serves to prove that although we can't and shouldnt have to rely on those with (or sometimes without) lived experience in the community to take up the slack re: cuts - the experiences and voices of those who have been in a child in social care is intrinsic to a complete re-evalution of working, progressive support that can actually make a difference. Rebekah's piece is here


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